Validating registrations

Misago implements simple framework for extending process of new user registration with additional checks.

When user submits registration form, within its clean method form calls functions defined in MISAGO_NEW_REGISTRATIONS_VALIDATORS setting.

Each function is called with following arguments:

  • request - current HttpRequest instance. You may use it to obtain IP address using form, via request.user_ip attribute.

  • cleaned_data - dict containing cleaned data. Use it too look up user's input that you wish to validate.

  • add_error - None or add_error function accepting fieldname and list of errors. Allows you to set validation errors on field.

If function decides to interrup registration process and thus stop user from registering account, it can raise either django.core.exceptions.ValidationError, django.core.exceptions.PermissionDenied, or set errors on form via form.add_error utility.

This validation framework provides you with plenty of power, for example allowing you to write custom validator that queries database for number of registrations that occured for specific IP in last 8 hours, and banning both users and IP address via ban_ip or ban_user utils from misago.users.bans module.

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