Point domain at your server

Now that you have a server that your Misago site will run on, you will also need to setup domain under which it will be accessible to your users.

Obtaining domain

You don't have to use Digital Ocean to buy domain for your site - any domain registrar will do.
When you have bought the domain, you should point ("delegate") it at Digital Ocean name servers (NS):
  • ns1.digitalocean.com
  • ns2.digitalocean.com
  • ns3.digitalocean.com
Most domain registrars provide simple web panel to manage and point your domains, so we will not show any screenshots or details on how to do it.

Adding domain to Digital Ocean panel

When you are finished, return Digital Ocean's cloud control panel and pick "Networking" from menu on the left. Here enter your domain in "Enter domain" field and confirm the action with "Add domain":
Adding domain in panel

Pointing domain at server

After your domain name appears on "Domains" list, click it to go to the domain editor:
Domain editor
Make sure that "A" tab is active in the menu. Enter @ into "HOSTNAME" field, and pick your droplet from "WILL DIRECT TO". Then click "Create Record"
Creating first A record for domain
Now repeat this action, but enter www in "HOSTNAME":
Creating www record for domain
Warning: It is required that both www and non-www domains are configured. HTTPS certificate will be issued for both of them and redirect will be setup for the domain you intent to use for your site from the other domain.
If you skip this step the HTTPS configuration will fail and NGINX will display error 500 page in place of your site.
Two DNS records should not appear for your domain, one without www, and other with www:
Created records
Note: your DNS records list may include additional entries of "NS" type pointing your domain to "nsX.digitalocean.com." - this is okay.

Testing domain

On your computer open terminal (Linux, Mac, ect.) or cmd.exe (Windows) application, and run ping command followed with your domain name:
ping mydomain.com
This will make your computer see where is your domain pointing at. You will know your domain is ready to work, when you see your server's IP address in comand's output:
Created records
I see from ping result that python-forum.pl domain that I am using is pointing to - IP address of Digital Ocean server that I have created for my Misago site.
Note: If you want to stop the ping command, press ctrl + c (or cmd + c on Mac) key combination while your terminal/cmd window is focused. This will send message to the program that it should stop execution.