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Misago defines custom misago.markup module that provides facilities for parsing strings.
This module exposes following functions as its public API:
Parses Misago-flavoured Markdown text according to settings provided. Returns dictionary with following keys:
  • original_text - original text that was parsed
  • parsed_text - parsed text
  • markdown - markdown instance

misago.markup.common_flavour(text, author=None, allow_mentions=True)

Convenience function that wraps parse(). This function is used for parsing messages.

Extending Markup

To extend Misago markup, create custom module defining one or both of following functions:


Defining this function will allow you to register new extensions in markdown used to parse text.

process_result(result, soup)

This function is called to allow additional changes in result dict as well as extra instrospection and cleanup of parsed text, which is provided as Beautiful Soup class instance.
Both functions should modify provided arguments in place.
Once your functions are done, add path to your module to MISAGO_MARKUP_EXTENSIONS setting like this:
# inside your