Dynamic settings reference

This is the reference of all dynamic settings defined by Misago. To change those settings you should use the interface available in admin control panel, but some settings may be defined for internal use only and are not changeable by the user.


Preffered way in which new user accounts are activated. Can be either of those:

  • none - no activation required.

  • user - new user has to click link in activation e-mail.

  • admin - board administrator has to activate new accounts manually.

  • block - turn new registrations off.


Controls if users may set avatars from outside forums.


Enables users to learn what data about them is being held by the site without having to contact site's administrators. This is provided by the "Download data" option becoming available on the "Change your options" page.


Lets users delete their own account on the site without having to contact site administrators.

This mechanism doesn't delete user posts, polls or attachments, but attempts to anonymize any data about user left behind after user is deleted.


Anonymous name used to replace deleted user's name in places that are keeping it. Defaults to "Deleted".


Custom image served by the attachments proxy when user has no permission to see the attachment.


Custom image served by the attachments proxy when attachment does not exist.


Max allowed size of uploaded avatars in kilobytes.


Custom blank avatar image.


Daily limit of posts that may be posted from single account. Fail-safe for situations when forum is flooded by spam bots. Change to 0 to lift this restriction.


Number of hours for which user data should be available for download. When data download is marked as expired, data archive associated with it is deleted.

Defaults to 48 hours, but actual time depends on how often expireuserdatadownloads management command is set to be ran.


Default avatar assigned to new accounts. Can be either initials for randomly generated pic with initials, gravatar or gallery which will make Misago pick random avatar from gallery instead.


Default timezone used by guests and newly registered users that haven't changed their timezone prefferences.


This settings allows you to decide whether or not Stop Forum Spam database should be used to validate IPs and emails during new users registrations.


Misago reads events to display in separate database query to avoid situation when thread with large number of eg. moderator actions displays pages consisting exclusively of events. Using this setting you may specify upper limit of events displayed on thread's single page. This setting is intended as fail safe, both to save threads from excessively long lists of events your users will have to scroll trough, as well as to keep memory usage within limts.

In case of more events than specified being found, oldest events will be truncated.


Complete HTTP address to your Misago site homepage. Misago relies on this address to create links in e-mails that are sent to the site users.


Forum name, displayed in titles of pages.


Site verification token used to create Google Search Console verification page.


Google Analytics Tracking ID to include in generated HTML.


Specifies the number of days that IP addresses are stored in the database before being removed by the removeoldips management command. Change this setting to 0 to never remove old IP addresses stored in your database.


Text to place in forum index header. Can be empty string if not set, in which case forum_name should be used instead.


Forum index Meta Description used as value meta description attribute on forum index.


Forum index title. Can be empty string if not set, in which case forum_name should be used instead.

Logo image displayed in forum's navbar.


Small logo image displayed in forum's compact navbar. When set, it's used instead icon for menu item pointing to forum index.


Text displayed in forum's navbar. This text is never included in compact navbar used on small displays.


Controls how many days will Misago wait for user or admin to activate newly registered account before automatically deleting it. Only accounts requiring activation will be deleted.

To disable automatic deletion of new user accounts, change this setting to 0.


User uploaded Open Graph image that will be used instead of default one.


Controls if user avatar should be used as OG image for user profiles.


Controls if thread starter's avatar should be used as OG image for threads. If thread starter's account was deleted, default OG image will be used instead.


Limit of attachments per single post.


Maximal allowed post content length.


Minimal allowed post content length.


Controls number of posts displayed on thread page. Greater numbers can increase number of objects loaded into memory and thus depending on features enabled greatly increase memory usage.


Defines minimal number of posts for thread's last page. If number of posts on last page is smaller or equal to one specified in this setting, last page will be appended to previous page instead.


Controls amount of data used by read tracking system. All content older than number of days specified in this setting is considered old and read, even if the opposite is true for the user. Active forums can try lowering this value while less active ones may wish to increase it instead.


Controls number of threads displayed on page. Greater numbers can increase number of objects loaded into memory and thus depending on features enabled greatly increase memory usage.


Maximal allowed length of users signatures.


Minimum confidence returned by Stop Forum Spam for Misago to reject new registration and block the IP address for 1 day.


Default value for automatic subscription to replied threads prefference for new user accounts. Its value represents one of those settings:

  • no - don't watch.

  • watch - put on watched threads list.

  • watch_email - put on watched threads list and send e-mail when somebody replies.


Default value for automatic subscription to started threads prefference for new user accounts. Allows for same values as subscribe_reply.


Maximal allowed thread title length.


Minimal allowed thread title length.


This setting controls maximum age in days of posts that should count to the top posters ranking.


Maximum number of users in top posters ranking.


Period of time (in hours) after which user-uploaded file that wasn't attached to any post is deleted.


Maximal allowed username length.


Minimal allowed username length.


Controls pagination of users lists.


Value of orphans argument used in pagination.

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